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    • How can the three cylinder drier meet the one-time drying of raw materials?
    • Three barrel dryer is also called three cylinder dryer, widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry to dry slag limestone, coal powder, slag, clay and other materials.

      In the process of production and sale of three cylinder dryer, there are some common problems, such as the problem of one-time drying of raw materials, what should users do? Here we teach you some ways to solve these problems.

      Facing the drying machine when the raw material is not dry at one time, we should first find the reason that the raw material can not be dried at one time, such as the drying machine is too small, the wind pressure of the air net, the calculation of the flow is mistaken, and the use of the dryer is the main cause of the one-time drying of the raw material, and maybe several reasons, we should be accurate and timely. The reasons for such problems are identified in order to find solutions to such problems.

      After finding the cause of drying machine raw material once dry, to determine the corresponding solution, such as: increase the temperature of the dryer, but this method is easy to cause internal ignition in the dryer, the best way is to replace or revise the drying equipment; the dryer manufacturer is required to recalculate the wind pressure, flow volume and then provide the design change according to the actual situation. In order to solve the problem, it is an effective solution to solve the problem by consulting the dryer manufacturer to obtain the correct method of using the equipment instructions and so on.

      After learning and understanding, we hope to provide reference and help to the users who use three tube dryers. More knowledge about the matters needing attention during the operation of three barrel dryers can be called to consult the professional and technical personnel of the salt rich environmental protection company.

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