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    • Method of avoiding wheel wear of slag dryer
    • The slag dryer wheel is used in the lower end of the roller, and it is first used to bear the component of the cylinder, but after the long time of the slag drying machine, the rear wheel of the slag dryer will show a different degree of wear and wear, and the wear of the front wheel is lighter and less obvious, and the wheel wear is more severe and often becomes saddle shape. Or step shape, on this situation, we should find out the cause of the grim wear of the rear wheel in time, adopt the correct way to prevent the slag dryer wheel wear question.

      Cause of formation of rear wheel wear of slag dryer

      1. The shortcomings of the layout design

      The layout design does not reasonably pay attention to the severe wear of the rear wheel, because the slag dryer cylinder is placed on the top of the wheel. The layout and scale of the large wheel belt around the barrel are different, the width of the front wheel belt is 120MM, the rear wheel belt is 105MM, and the width of the rear wheel of the three return dryer is the same as 160MM,  From the above figures, the area of the rear wheel and the wheel belt is narrower, and the cylinder is skew the point of view, the pressure of the rear wheel is larger. After a long time operation, the rear wheel is very simple.

      From a coal pulverizer (usually medium speed mill, double inlet and double out steel ball mill or electric fan mill), the gas - powder two - phase fluid with qualified fineness pulverized pulverized pulverized pulverized pulverized pulverized coal separator is blown directly through several inciners into the furnace and incineration system. The pulverized coal output of this system depends on the boiler load; when a coal mill is out of operation, the incinerator unit connected with it will be shut down accordingly.

      The temperature of the inlet of the primary air powder mixture for the boiler incineration with the direct blowing system is controlled by the temperature of the coal mill outlet. The anthracite, which is more difficult to fire, is often too low. In order to deal with this question, a "semi direct pulverizing system" can be used, that is, a fine powder separator and a gas lock are installed on the primary air line after the coarse powder separator, and then the hot air can be used to replace the waste dry agent as the primary air.

      2. The operator is not properly operated

      The improper operation of the operator will also cause the grim wear of the rear wheel. For example, some mine processing plants do not pay attention to the upward and downward movement of the barrel or the adjustment method of the rear wheel when it is in the dry material, and the effect of the rear wheel in the whole process is greatly changed, and the wheel wear is grim after the formation.

      3. The repair method is not correct

      When the slag drying machine is used for a long time, because of the effect of the high temperature airflow for a long time, the wheel belt and the cushion board on the cylinder will be severely worn and deformed, the wheel belt can be changed back to the ellipse, then the pressure of the wheel will change, and the end will make the wheel grim wear.

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