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    • Cement industry has broad prospects for transformation to aggregate industry.
    • At present, more and more cement enterprises have begun to think about how to continue to develop, and even some backward enterprises have the willingness to withdraw voluntarily, as the country's policies on cement industry are gradually introduced and the cement industry is becoming more and more saturated. The cement industry is faced with the following problems:
      1. Restrictions on national regulations and environmental policies. In recent years, various policies have been put forward to rectify the cement industry and eliminate cement enterprises with serious pollution and backward production capacity.
      2, overcapacity. Cement production capacity growth is far greater than the growth rate of cement market demand, cement overcapacity is a foregone conclusion.
      3, the profit is too low. The development of cement enterprise group has a large investment and less income, and the loss enterprises in the cement industry are increasing, and most of the enterprises are in the state of low profit or no profit production and operation.
      At the same time, more and more cement enterprises have begun to extend to the related industrial chain, and build sand and stone aggregate production line in cement enterprises to improve the production technology level, accelerate the supporting waste heat generation projects, strengthen production management and reduce production costs.
      Sandstone aggregate is a very open market, and cement enterprises have inherent advantages. Cement enterprises enter the gravel aggregate industry not only is the trend of the times, but also has huge market space and competitive advantage, and the prospect is very broad.
      1, state policy support. The government has issued a policy of restricting natural sand and gravel management to promote the production of artificial aggregate. At present, the state has also introduced fiscal policy to encourage the development and utilization of recycled aggregate concrete and provide tax incentives.
      2, the market demand is large. All infrastructure projects, such as railways, highways, bridges, houses, and so on, all need to use gravel aggregate. Rigid demand determines the huge potential of the sand Market.
      3, the profit margin is wide. According to the calculation of 3-4 cubic meters of concrete per ton of cement (the strength grade of concrete is C30), the amount of sand and stone per cubic meter of concrete is about 1800 kilograms. It is estimated that the annual output of 18 million tons of cement can be allocated to 54-72 billion cubic meters of concrete, and the amount of sand and gravel required will be as high as 97.2-129.6 million tons. According to 40 yuan per ton of sand and gravel, the output value is about 3888-5184 billion yuan, which is equivalent to the output value of cement industry.
      4. The advantages of the cement plant. The cement plant has its own mine resources, mastered advanced ore mining technology, has experienced talents and mature equipment. It also occupies the advantage of abundant capital and strong competitiveness. The mine in the clinker base can be equipped with perfect sand and gravel production facilities gradually, with low cost and good income, in order to realize the scale benefit. And the effect of the extension of the industrial chain.
      5, from the environmental protection point of view, sand and gravel industry for the production of sewage produced in the mining, environmental treatment requirements are very high, simple sand aggregate production enterprises may be difficult to reach, so that it is called to stop. Cement enterprises have their own advantages in the cement kiln joint treatment of sewage, and will not be affected.
      How do cement enterprises develop sand and stone aggregate industry? Xu Yongmo, President of China Building Materials Federation and President of China concrete and cement products association, suggested the development of "cement sand concrete". Cement enterprises enter the aggregate market, not to make sand and gravel. In the case of serious excess capacity overcapacity in the future, entering the concrete industry is a change choice, and the sand and gravel industry must enter the concrete industry at the same time, so through the development of "cement sand concrete" integration to form the final competitive advantage of the cost and brand.
      Sand and aggregate must be modernized and modern industrial technology and equipment must be introduced. The homogenization concept is introduced to solve the problem of sand grading, clay content and moisture content. Enterprises also need to develop or select advanced technology and equipment, reduce the needle like aggregate, improve the roundness of aggregate and reduce the porosity of aggregate accumulation, thus reducing the amount of cement slurry and reducing the cost of concrete.
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