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    • How to select the dust remover of the sand and stone aggregate production line correctly
    • For a long time, the dust problem has been plagued by dry sand production enterprises, and it will also harm workers' health. At the moment of ecological environmental protection and high quality development as the key point of sand and stone industry transformation and upgrading, dust control in sand and stone factories has become a big pain point. In recent years, dust control has become one of the important parts of green development of sand and stone industry.
      A brief introduction to the production line of sand and gravel aggregate
      Gravel aggregate production line is mainly divided into gravel production line and machine-made sand production line. The gravel production line is mainly composed of jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen and some conveying equipment. The machine sand production line is divided into a wet sand production line and a dry sand production line. The former is mainly composed of sand machine, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, sand suction machine, filter press, sewage treatment pool and a number of conveying equipment. The latter is made up of sand making machine, vibrating screen, wind separator, dust collector, hoist, fine powder tank and a number of conveying equipment.
      Two. The main pollution source of the sand stone aggregate production line
      The main pollution of sandstone aggregate production line is sewage sludge and dust. The main pollution of the lithotripsy field is the dust produced when the equipment works. The previous practice is generally to spray water and dust, and often produce a large amount of sewage and sludge. Because the dry process sand system is not used to the requirements of the sand and gravel aggregate, the dust can also be collected through the dust removal. The added value of stone phase and composition will also be different, even far exceeding the market economic value of aggregate. The main pollution of manufactured sand production line is sewage sludge and dry system dust. The sewage sludge produced by wet process system has greatly damaged the environment and has been phased out. The dry sand making system does not produce sewage sludge, but is collected and sent to the fine powder tank by the powder remover and the excess stone powder and equipment dust in the machine-made sand. This will also be invaluable because of the different added value of fine powders and ingredients.
      Three. Selection of dust remover for crushed stone production line
      The dust collecting points of sandstone aggregate yard mainly include Hubei crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and so on. In view of these dust spots. We can calculate the required air volume and the size and quantity of the dust remover according to the technical position of the dust point. The collected fines are sent to a fine powder tank after being collected by conveying equipment.
      Four. Selection of dust remover for dry sand production line
      The main points of the dry method sand system are sand making machines and vibrating screens. In view of the necessity of dust removal in dry sand making system, we specially designed a special equipment suitable for this system, that is, powder remover. The so-called "powder removal machine", which is known as the "energy saving dry powder removal system", includes several characteristics: "energy saving", "dry method" and "powder removal". This system can not only control the powder content in the machine-made sand, but also realize the dust control on the spot dust.
      Five. The correct selection of the dust collector
      The selection of dust collector is composed of air volume, total pressure, filtration area, filtration speed and cleaning method. Considering that the dust control system has only social effect and no economic effect to the owners, it will also increase the production cost of finished aggregate. Many manufacturers of dust catcher will do their best by changing the internal structure of the dust collector, reducing the cost of the dust collector, and winning the market through price advantage. Such a practice is very undesirable. Purchasing equipment should not compare the price blindly, but mainly the quality of the dust catching products. Dust removal is a system integration, one part of the bad will affect the normal operation of the whole system, we know that the source of dust, can also be well eliminated, to eliminate hidden dangers.
      In recent years, bag type dust removal has become the development direction of particle collection technology. Bag type dust removal equipment will have a wider space for development. The Ministry of land and resources put forward the general goal of "realizing the standard of green mine by 2020 and the management of small mine enterprises according to the standard of green mine and mountain standard". If the rich think that the gravel aggregate should realize the green mine, we must make the dust removal and environmental protection work practical and specialized. Only in this way can we achieve healthy development. The future of the aggregate production industry will become better and better.
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